One businessman’s battle with depression – from suicide plan to saving lives

By citiesabc resources - Apr 18, 2020
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One businessman’s battle with depression – from suicide plan to saving lives

As the panic and issues of Covid-19 Coronavirus take central stage worldwide one of the main issues is the panic of our society and how each of us deal with stress and in many ways with depressive environment, excess of negative news and all the issues that come out of that. A recently launched book: "A mental health survival guide for professionals" by author Andy Salked is a book worth reading and considering to deal with depression and special with all areas of personal trouble.

The outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19 has been an increasing stressful element that is affecting everyone in one way of the other. Fear and anxiety, and depression can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions, disruption in both adults and children. Coping with stress, depression will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. This is specially important in the professional and business world.

A recent book by someone that has battled with depression and that has been close to suicide is critical to read in thesse days. Facing our problems is one of the best ways to solve our issues. This book matters, special in these times because of the author efforts to get out of his issues and depression and story narrative that made him focused on planning and acting in saving lives. Some of the elements to look at this book:

  • Helping to break the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace
  • 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue in the UK each year – yet 67% won’t tell their boss;
  • An honest insight into life with depression – full of simple tips and coping mechanisms;
  • Explores the mental health challenges we face at work and how to overcome them.
  • Author Andy Salkeld is a finance director, investor and advocate for positive mental health – he works with business leaders across the UK to deliver talks, workshops and coaching that saves lives.

    Andy Salkeld passed through very difficult moments and always believed he would end his life. His new book "Life is a Four-Letter Word" is a straight-talking, searingly honest, no bullsh*t, yet humour-filled account of what it’s like to suffer from serious issuees such as depression, reach something as devastating as planning his own suicide and then come back from the ‘edge’. Andy’s emotional and powerful experiences gave him a new purpose -to help empower, save and support others living with mental health issues, depression and the importance of to speak out and seek help.

    A Book of a Powerful Personal Story – From Rock Bottom to Recovery, Critical for our times

    Andy Salkeld is a chartered accountant, corporate financier, business intelligence specialist, finance director, investor and co-owner of multiple companies. Despite his professional career and business efforts eighteen months ago he planned his own suicide – before a text from a friend saved his life.

    Written as if you’re face-to-face with Andy, the book explores how it feels to live with depression. With frequent interjections from his critical inner voice, he shares it all – his darkest thoughts, the powerful coping mechanisms that pulled him through and his inspiring attitude to life. He aims to show that however ‘successful’ your life looks, anyone can be affected by mental health issues and we are all equal when it comes to our psychological sensibilities. Andy reveals the simple things we can all do to help those experiencing mental health issues feel less alone.

    Transforming Workplace Mental Health

    This insightful book is the ultimate guide to navigating the challenging mental health challenges the workplace throws at us – from your first job through to the top job. From calling out office bullies and presenteeism, to highlighting toxic work cultures and poor leadership, Salkeld aims to help employees and employers alike create inclusive, healthy workplaces, where employees thrive.

    The book can helps readers to:

    Spot the warning signs of burnout – before it’s too late
    Learn how to say no to your boss
    Tackle presenteeism
    Cope with failure
    Manage up
    Overcome imposter syndrome
    Cope with career pressure
    Practise self-acceptance

    This book also highlights some of the main issues we now are facing more with the Pandemic issues. Some of the main problems we are facing are touching us all special as unemployment and financial troubles are now part of almost everyone in the planet facing a complex recession, depression and additional issues with loneliness and social distance:
    Survival of the fittest – transforming workplace culture from Darwinism to inclusiveness
    How to cope if you’re made redundant
    Why ‘banter is bullying’ and ways to handle this at work
    Presenteeism – why it’s a problem and how to tackle it
    Time to talk? How to help employees be open about mental health
    Quiz: Do you have imposter syndrome?
    How learning to say no helped me cope with depression
    How to talk to your boss about mental health
    5 warning signs of a breakdown

    Life is a Four-Letter Word: A Mental Health Survival Guide for Professionals, 14-May-2020, book by Andy Salkeld

    Life is a Four-Letter Word: A Mental Health Survival Guide for Professionals is published by Practical Inspiration Publishing and available in paperback and ebook from, priced at £14.99

    About the Author

    Andy Salkeld is a 'Big 4'-trained Chartered Accountant. He specialised in the complex field of corporate finance before moving into the private sector to focus on business intelligence and analytics. He now brings his professional expertise to the Leeds technology and start-up scene, helping new business to employ best practice as they grow. He is an investor and Director at a newly founded technology company.

    He now advocates positive action around mental health, giving his signature 'Breaking the Stigma' talk at international organisations across the UK. He works closely with business leaders, delivering talks, workshops and coaching across their offices as they strive to build mentally healthy cultures.

    This quote from Andy reflects on his thoughts and ideas:

    "I never thought I'd become an author.
    If I'm honest, I never thought that I'd be alive and here today.
    I always believed I would end my life at one point or another. It was always going to be: achieve something; feel the accomplishment that goes with it; then end things.
    Every time I reached the place where I would write that full stop in my life, a wild semicolon appeared, and I just kept on going.
    For many that semicolon doesn't appear to save them.
    What gets left behind after a suicide is unimaginable. There are constant questions that can never be answered and an event that can never truly be understood. An unexplained hole is left in the heart of those around; one that can never heal.
    There is no closure.
    I don't want to end my life and leave anyone with that hole in theirs. I am going to keep fighting and keep doing what I can to show that living with depression is not only possible, but also worthwhile. People can overcome all forms of adversity, and suffering adverse mental health is no different.
    I don't want to be a hero.
    I certainly don't want to be a martyr.
    All I want is for those out there struggling to know that there is hope. There are ways through the darkest of times. There are ways you can recover and move beyond them.
    Most importantly though, for anyone out there struggling, know that you are not alone.
    The world can be overwhelming, but you don't have to face it by yourself.
    No one does."

    Life is a Four-Letter Word: A Mental Health Survival Guide for Professionals 14-May-2020
    book back cover by Andy Salkeld

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