NFT Studio and Marketplace INFLUXO Launches with a Collection Featuring Two-Time FIFA World Player of the Year, Ronaldinho

By editor - Jul 29, 2021

INFLUXO, a premier NFT creative studio, announced its launch with a limited edition NFT collection featuring two-time FIFA World Player of the Year, Ronaldinho, on INFLUXO’s own integrated marketplace. 

INFLUXO caters to producing quality collectible collections and one-of-a-kind masterpieces in select collaborations with sports and entertainment personalities to generate exclusive opportunities between devoted supporters and featured collaborators. Backed by a team of investors including INBlockchain, an investment group dominating the Asian blockchain space and technologies from BigONE, a global digital asset trading platform, INFLUXO is a pioneer of the future of digital collectibles. The INFLUXO Marketplace features robust payments rails, a proprietary NFT wallet and a secured bidding history as well as transactions on the Ethereum and RumSystem blockchain, which help the platform serve as an intersection of the metaverse and the universe.

INFLUXO’s main function is to serve as a trusted partner to influential clients, providing complete digital asset solutions for creating a unique NFT experience for star athletes, entertainers and their fans. The tech-driven creative studio capitalizes on working with top-tier production designers to create individually crafted masterpieces as well as collectable items to be sold on its Marketplace during a live auction. The first collection, INFLUXO x Ronaldinho, will feature exclusive pieces featuring the Brazilian soccer star, with additional collections to be announced at a later date.

“INFLUXO is breaking the mold as far as NFT platforms by making the process from creation to auction easier than ever before with unprecedented opportunities to own virtual collectibles that lead to real world experiences,” said Daniel Liu, partner at INBlockchain and CEO of INFLUXO. “Our trusted platform, seamless user experience and trusted team of investors and developers has allowed us to secure Ronaldinho for the platform’s first collection and we’re thrilled to show what’s in store for the future of digital collectibles.” 

“Growing up, collecting playing cards of your favorite players was the ultimate badge of honor,” said Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, famously known as Ronaldinho, former professional footballer and the first superstar athlete with an NFT collection on Influxo. “NFTs open a whole new world where digital assets converge with the real world and eSports to bring fandom to life.”

Ronaldinho, respected by fans and opposition enthusiasts alike, has won over the hearts of hundreds of thousands during his long-spanning and successful career. Known for his humble demeanor and extraordinary skills on the field, he will unquestionably be regarded as one of the greatest soccer players in the world. Soccer aficionados have long awaited for Ronaldinho’s next project; and now they will have a chance to acquire exclusive collections and masterworks to become a part of the NFT club. The sports cards and NFTs of digitally enhanced oil paintings will undoubtedly become an irreplaceable treasure for any soccer fan in the world.

“Ronaldinho is one of the most important legends in the sports world and NFTs allow us to immortalize this legendary status through technology and entertainment,” said André Figer, founding partner for INFLUXO, VP of Figer Group, a 50 years Brazilian agency that manages football players' careers worldwide. “We see INFLUXO as a gateway connecting superfans to collectible digital assets and real world experiences.”

“This collaboration underscores the reliability, trust and overall quality as well as INFLUXO’s potential supported by BigONE. It is proven and powered by blockchain technology and it helps facilitate reliable and secure trading,” said Anndy Lian, founding partner of INFLUXO and chairman of BigONE Asia. “We are excited to bring Ronaldinho, sports and technology together for the launch to further enhance the NFT space.” 

Seven one-of-a-kind masterpiece NFTs from the Ronaldinho collection will be available for auction, with a starting bid price of 20,000 USDT. Winners of the auction will get the NFT as well as a redeemable feature to unlock an in-person experience with Ronaldinho in Dubai next year. The experience includes a round-trip ticket and two-day hotel stay as well as a gala dinner and meet-up with Ronaldinho.

Each bidder must show proof of funds and have enough money locked in their wallet at the start of the auction in order to place a bid; and bidders must place a minimum increment bid of 10,000 USDT. At the last hour of the auction closing period, there will be an overtime period, which requires a bid to only occur when the increment price is 10% of the current price. The final and highest bidder wins the auction. Their money will be settled and all other bidders' locked money will be returned after the auction ends.

Sports legend card NFTs will also be available in a stock sale for 299 USDT. A complete series consists of six cards and one airdropping card. Collectors who hold the complete set will enter into sweepstakes for a chance to win the same Dubai experience with the auction winners or a tangible, autographed jersey.

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