Digital Week Online – a Global Event Connecting the Innovation & Blockchain Worlds

By citiesabc news - May 09, 2020
Digital Week Online

Digital Week Online – a Global Event Connecting the Innovation & Blockchain Worlds

Digital Week Online – a Global Event Connecting the Innovation

Digital Week Online is a major conference and initiative that deals with the new possibilities coming up from the Pandemic we are going through. From May 25-31, 2020 Digital Week Online will gather some of the brightest minds in the world to discuss how new innovative solutions and digital and blockchain can change the world we are living.

COVID19 has brought the world and our society many challenges, lock downs, self isolation, and a looming financial, economic and in many cases business crisis. The world had and is still adapting to a new normal that comprehends social distancing, work remotely and the emergence of digital new ways to collaboration while maintaining some semblance of our previous routines. However, as countries start to emerge from lock downs and restrictions are relaxed, opportunities are developing, special digital opportunities.

This conference is a major Global highlight of the possible innovations, investments and technologies in a conference that aims to keeping the tech world united - changing the future! From AI, Blockchchain, to Fintech, Edtech, AR / VR,  IoT and smart cities major minds will discuss what directions we can have in the new world coming out of Covid-19 pandemic.

A selection of the conference major speakers:

    • Jayne Chan, Invest Hong Kong, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR, Head, StartmeupHK;
    • Jason Hsu, Taiwan's parliament, Legislator / Congressman At-Large;
      Wu Kai, Bao'an Sino-German (Europe) Industrial Development Cooperation Alliance, General Secretary Shenzhen Baoan District General Chamber Of Commerce Vice Chairman;
    • Dr. Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET, OpenCog Founder and recognised AI scientist and author;
    • Henri Arslanian, PwC, Asia FinTech Leader, FinTech Association of Hong Kong Chairman;
    • Dinis Guarda, Author CEO and founder,,;
    • Xiaochen Zhang, FinTech4Good Founder, World Digital Economy Council, Co-chair;
    • Yu Xiong, Professor, Researcher, Serial Entrepreneur, Associate Dean University of Surey;
    • Jorge Sebastiano, Huawei CTO, Cybersecurity and tech thought leader;
    • Michael Sung, Fudan Fanhai Fintech Research Center, Co-Director;
    • Fernando Martinho, Naoris, Co-Founder, CTO;
    • Monty Munford, BlockSpeak Co-Founder, 7BC Venture Capital - Venture Partner;
    • Mamadou Toure, Ubuntu Tribe - Africa 2.0 Founder, Forbes Top-10 most powerful man in Africa;
    • Renu Bhatia, Asia FinTech Angels Co-Founder, Hong Kong Exchange, Listing Committee;

DigitalWeek.Online brings together the brightest minds from the innovation and blockchain worlds, picking the best pieces from around the globe to provide you with insights on continued technological transformations, reflecting the new environment we will meet soon.

Digital week online is a 48 hour nonstop online conference, suiting multiple time zones from Asia through to the United States, with 24 hours dedicated to blockchain technologies followed by 24 hours with a focus on innovation. The remaining week will involve streaming our partners online events through digital weeks online platform.

This will let participants to experience the traditional conference from the safety of their homes, allowing to directly contact speakers, mingle via chat rooms and have your own private meetings with other members. Sponsors participating will available through their own e-booths.

The online format allows us to invite speakers from government authorities, investment institutions, and top tech companies all over the world to share insights on the situation in their countries, how COVID19 affects the economies and business and what are their efforts in creating a new post-pandemic tech reality.

Representatives of the Shenzhen Baoan District General Chamber Of Commerce, the Government of Hong Kong, Government Blockchain Association of Japan, Taiwan Parliament, CITI, Huawei, PwC, over 30 Global VCs, experts, and market leaders are joining DigitalWeek.Online to keep the tech world united changing the future!

Digital Week Online

About the event program

This event offers an entire week of events led by 48 hours non-stop online conference - networking, high quality content, world hottest topics, more business opportunities than ever before

Tuesday, May 26 (Time GMT)
Blockchain Day

06:00 – 08:30 Asian's Crypto Rising: Driving the Future of Blockchain and Digital Asset ( Asian Section)

09:00 – 11:30 Mining (to be updated)

12:00 - 14:30 DeFi

Decentralized financial system
CBDC trend: Digital dollar vs digital yuan
Future money: private banks, central banks of blockchain digital currencies
21st Century FinTech vs Regulations
The global regulatory frontline
15:00 - 17:00 Investment Trends 2020

Navigating Cryptocurrencies: From Early Investors to Entrepreneurs
A snapshot of the beginning of 2020 and the lessons for the future
Family offices and Venture capital market
17:00 - 18:00 Startup Pitch

18:30 - 21:00 Building the blockchain infrastructure

The Looming Financial Crisis: What Will Happen To Cryptocurrencies?
Blockchain for Enterprises
How blockchain revolutionizes the Capital market
Constructing a Comprehensive Blockchain Ecosystem in Europe
Future of Blockchain and AI
21:30 - 0:00 The future of Digital Assets

Libra affects
STO infrastructure
Property tokenization — Real Estate investment
Regulatory framework
Castilian and compliance
Success factors for digital assets offering
0:30 - 3:00 (May 27) Trading

Trading and manipulation on the financial and crypto market
Derivatives and future
Crypto exchange session
3:30 - 6:00 USA Section (to be updated)

Wednesday, May 27 (Time GMT)
Innovation Day
06:00 – 08:00 ASIA TECH WORD

The state of Asian tech: where are we today and what's next?
Digitalization of the small and medium enterprises. The first steps for mass adoption. 30 min
How to confront the epidemic: Harnessing technology to prevent COVID-19 (China experience 30 min
AI and Big Data. Asian experience. 30 min
China's steps in tech on its way to becoming no#1 words economy. One belt one road initiative in tech. 30 min

Building digital infrastructure throughout the world. FinTech as a tool to leverage developing economies. Indian, African, and other countries examples. 1 hour
The fundamentals of the supply chain. Implementing and managing experience. 30 min
International Standards for sharing economy 30 min

Which technology will have brought about the most change in 2025? 30 min
Innovations in the corporate world 30min
Technology private market investment opportunity landscape. How to get access to the hottest technology placements? 30 min
Impact investments in EmTech: how we can unleash the collective intelligence of humanity through the growing power of technology. 30 min
Accelerating Digital Innovation and Ecosystems in Europe 30 min

The golden rule for the digital edge: transforming Leadership and Business 30 min
Shaping the future of digital marketing 30 min
Mastering Business 4.0 with AI, IOT and Big Data 30 min
Transforming Education - Transforming Society 30 min
The importance of Biotech in the current state. Successful cases and the social impact they create. 30 min
AI, 5G, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles. Successful cases pitch deck. 60 min

Climate change inevitability and the way we are able to act 30 min
Incorporating the impact of climate risk into the business model 30 min
Greet Technology overview 30 min
The overall environmental protection program 30 min
18:00 - 20:00 EUROPE TECH WORLD

The state of Europe tech: where are we today and what's next? 30 min
The most mass adopted technologies in EU 30 min
How to confront the epidemic: Harnessing technology to prevent COVID-19 (Europe experience) 30 min
AI and Big Data in Europe. How to smartly use and protect it. 30 min
20:00 - 22:00 CYBERSECURITY CONGRESS(2 hours, to be updated)

22:00 - 0:30 US TECH WORLD

The state of US tech: where are we today and what's next? 30 min
The most mass adopted technologies in US 30 min
How to confront the epidemic: Harnessing technology to prevent COVID-19 (US experience) 30 min
AI and Big Data in US. How to smartly use and protect it. 30 min
US steps in tech on its way to recovering its economy. 30 min

The impact of the gaming industry on modern education. 30 min
Investments into esports and entertainment 30 min
Emerging technologies in Esports and Video gaming 30 min
Gaming and entertainment regulations. 30 min
Regulations and innovations: what's the role of governments? Comparing regulatory approaches on the global level. 30 min
3:00-3:30 WOMEN LEADERSHIP IN TECH: Global Impact and ambitions.


Industry 4.0: How companies are embracing the fourth industrial revolution
How to confront the epidemic: Harnessing technology to prevent COVID-19
What kind of online services the market is lacking during the period of self isolation
The sustainable world the way we see it
The role of faith in technology and how to leverage the power of it

Where to find tickets and information:

Digital Week Online - a global online event focused on innovations, startups, investments, new technologies. Start in Asia, finish in US.

Top-speakers, government officials, experts, and market leaders will share their views on the new reality, the impact of COVID-19, emerging technologies, and hottest trends:

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